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My Style. My Business. My Studio.
My Family. My Passions.

Hi! I’m Jen.

The adventurous, goofy, overly-talkative owner and artist of Noel Photography and Design. My cozy studio is based in the quaint little town of Hebron, Nebraska, and the Little Blue river is our back yard.

At work, I’m a full-time artist of photography and graphic design. Dabbling in just a little of everything from weddings to logos (and so much more) for the last 10 years. My portrait work takes on a unique look mixing bold contrasts with timeless imagery. I love working with natural light, but I also enjoy finding creative ways to use artificial light to create a one-of-a-kind look.

At home, I’m a fur mom, fiancé, garden lover, and crazy flea market shopper. I just got engaged to the love of my life, Shayne. So a large part of my free-time is currently going towards wedding planning. (And PS, I LOVE IT. It’s like creating on steroids.) However, in my free time on a normal basis, you’ll catch me drinking coffee or wine with friends, hitting up rock concerts, getting to the lake or traveling when I can, changing my hair color, visiting family, and watching an unhealthy amount of murder shows with my other half.

Read on to learn more about Noel Photography and Design, or get in touch!

Why Noel Photography and Design?


First and foremost, I am completely dedicated. Meaning your creative needs are the only focus of my work week. The memories you cherish most, and the design projects you desperately need get my full attention. Always.



“Creative Diversity” is how I like to describe my business. It’s how I work for the client. On top of my triple majors in photography, graphic design and advertising, I’m super crafty! Pretty much 100% of the services I offer can be complimented, or added-to, by another part of my business. From bundling wedding photography with invitation services to creating a logo and implementing it into advertising products. The possibilities are endless!.



Perhaps, just maybe, I’m not the oldest artist to walk the earth, but I have been doing what I love for 10 years! My experience has quickly stacked up, pushing me towards the top of my field as I improve. It’s also given me the confidence to venture into new and exciting aspects of my services.

With that, I’m confident clients can trust their investment with me is well made.


Sometimes I think “the level” that even I expect my own work to be at is a bit extreme. But…I can’t help it! Between my obsessive compulsive and passion for what I do, I’m constantly looking for ways I can improve. Which means you can be sure I’m giving it my all in trying to do what’s best for my clients.

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The fact of the matter is I’m here to assist others with their creative needs. So whenever I create my service options I’m not only thinking about the service itself, but how I can help others benefit from that service. Sometimes that means offering “pre-designed” service collections, and other times it means working freely with no boundaries.



I completely LOVE outdoor shooting, but every now and then there is a need for a quiet, controlled creative space. Whether to snuggle with newborns, create a seasonal set, or simply to add some variety to an otherwise outdoor session. My studio space gives me the opportunity to provide photo clients with a wider variety of session options.

On top of complete flexibility for photo sessions, my studio provides a relaxed, comfortable setting to meet with clients to discuss graphic design projects, and even to chat with those who have questions about photo services.


All the best people are, right?

I like to believe that my “weirdness” is one of my better qualities. While I’m certain it adds to my fun and makes me pretty easy to get along with, I’m convinced it’s also what makes me so creative. With coffee in my veins, and my corky personality, my creativity knows no bounds.

If nothing else, it at least makes me entertaining to work with!


My Family In Front of the Lens