Love Notes

Baxa Wedding.jpg

Miranda B. writes…

Q: If someone was on the fence about becoming a Noel P&D couple, what would you tell them?

A: If you are looking for a photographer that has the most amazing places to take pictures then this is the place to go!! With Jen you know that you are not just another number in the books for the day, you are a new friend that she cares deeply about to make sure your special day goes smoothly and is as flawless as possible!!!

Q: What was your favorite part of being a Noel P&D Couple?

A: With every session Jen builds a great relationship with the couple, or in our case, our family!! She made it fun for all of us!!

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Traci E. writes…

Q: What was the top reason(s) you chose Noel Photography and Design as your photographer?:

A: The first thing that caught our eyes about Noel Photography is her creativity and eye for detail. Jen was extremely fun and easy to work with. She isn’t just about taking pictures, she tries to capture who the couple really is.

Q: How did Noel P&D make you feel during your engagement session? Wedding day?

A: During our engagement session Jen tried to get to know us personally and get to know what we were like as a couple. The entire process working with her, and her assistant, was relaxed and it felt personalized. They had amazing ideas, backdrops, and took in all of our ideas and suggestions. They helped keep our wedding day organized and on schedule.


Jamie B. writes…

Q: How did Noel P&D make you feel during your engagement session? Wedding day?:

A: Now I probably got some special treatment…being her sister and all, but Jen was a rockstar! She listened to my requests and made them happen. Jen did have an assistant the day of the wedding (as she was also my Maid of Honor). Regardless, she managed to play photographer alongside her other very important role and did it flawlessly. In other words, if she is ONLY your photographer, you can imagine the detail she will add to your day.
Jen also did our engagement photos. She made it a fun, memorable experience, and she directed everything perfectly. I’m not much of a picture taker so I was a little stressed from the get-go. She helped keep me calm…yes, I had a little meltdown. We had a wardrobe malfunction in addition to staying on top of time in order to get in some unique evening shots. Engagement and wedding photos are typically a first time experience for most…no worries, Jen will walk you through this overwhelming process, and you will have great pics at the end

Q: If someone was on the fence about being a Noel P&D couple, what would you tell them?

A: My family, including Jen, has an outstanding work ethic. She will work hard for you and has always been eager to please. Her passion for photography is constantly growing, and she encourages feedback/input so she can learn how to better serve. In other words, she isn’t stuck in her ways like some photographers. She is always looking for a way to stand out as an artist and be ahead of the curve.